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"Stand in the Gap" CD Soundtrack Pre-Order November 20, 2022


"Stand in the Gap" Original Score Composed and Performed by Erik D. Anderson

A Motion Picture Produced by Salty Earth Pictures

This CD includes over an hour of beautiful music. 20 original pieces from the movie "Stand in the Gap."

  1. Opening Credits & Farm Attack  2:09
  2. The Pitch                                      3:04
  3. Why There? Why Now?               5:36
  4. The Arrival                                    3:01
  5. Mandy’s Dilemma                        4:00
  6. Meeting Henry                              1:35
  7. Christmas Past                             2:43
  8. Out For A Run                               2:45
  9. Problem In Turkey Trot                 1:10
  10. Visiting Karl’s House                     2:34
  11. Good Talk                                       1:12
  12. Getting Some Air / Catching Up   2:29
  13. Heart To Heart                               3:15
  14. My Favorite Story                           1:50
  15. Confronting Mr. Whitehurst           2:35
  16. The Park Theatre                            3:42
  17. Thy Will Be Done                            3:02
  18. A Perfectly Good Crisis                  3:50
  19. On A Wing And A Prayer                0:46
  20. End Credits                                     6:01


Erik D. Anderson studied piano with Dana Skoglund and Richard Lange.  He learned the art of music composition with Leonard Danek.  Erik has had the opportunity to perform his music across the United States and in over a dozen foreign countries.  His projects with Salty Earth Pictures include portions of “The Author, the Star and the Keeper,” and “Movie Critters." To learn more about Erik D. Anderson, please visit his website

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