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07 Jun Salty Earth Pictures June 2010

Salty Earth Pictures is currently in post production on the feature motion picture "Journey to Paradise."  The story is based on the novel "Christmas Edition" by Robin Shope.  "Journey to Paradise" is directed by Steven F. Zambo, produced by Frank Datzer, Elizabeth Zambo and Steven F. Zambo and stars Matt Koester, Hannah Fager, and Rachael Lau.  In "Journey to Paradise" Joe McNamara arrives in Paradise, Wisconsin.  He is hired as a reporter at the local television station owned and operated by the Collins Family.  Lucy Collins the eldest child of Harold and Margaret Collins is the news director.  Soon we begin to discover that Joe is hiding his true identity from Lucy.  Why is Joe in Paradise, is his affection for Lucy real, and why is he haunted by events in his past.  Discover if truth can be found where a lie began. Scheduled release:  November 5, 2010.

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