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"Stand in the Gap" - DVD


"Stand in the Gap" Studio Pre-Release DVD

August Star (Simon Provan) in a Hollywood actor who reluctantly returns to his home town of Owl's Point with his mom & manager Rhonda (Dale Waddington) and friend & director Tony (Ken Williams) to produce a Christmas Special. Three years earlier, after the passing of his dad Keeper (David Rupprecht), August escaped Owl's Point with a great deal of unresolved baggage/ He now has to come to terms with his relationship with Mandy (Heather Ricks) and her young daughter Olivia (Hannah Frahm). August also finds that a local judge Karl (Daniel Truhitte, "The Sound of Music") holds the ticket to his future. In addition, a local innkeeper Henry (John Morgan) and his son Brad (Michael Oilar) a rising political force in Owl's Point, deliver a missing piece to a long unsolved family puzzle.

110 Minutes

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